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It will digest well

In the spring, a garage sale is useful. You must sort, take out, throw away and clean the objects that have been accumulated for a long time. It's a lot of work.

Imagine having to do all this again EVERY week?

Phew! I bet there would be other household chores that would take over!

I now draw a parallel with your body and, more particularly, one of your filtration plants: your liver.

Your body wants you to know that it doesn't like processed foods (aka granola bars, the box of 24 cookies from Costco, Doritos, etc.). You know what I'm talking about! These are the products that come in pretty, colorful boxes with catchy slogans that catch your eye (or that of the foams). It's hard to miss out without buying them.

Your body will do its best to swallow, digest, catalyze, absorb and even assimilate what you impose on it. A large part of the triage is done by the liver. While he struggles to sort, throw away, store, clean what you eat and drink, there are other important tasks that are put on hold.

That's when you're bloated, you have less energy, and I hear, "It doesn't go away when I eat" and, "I'm getting fatter even if I'm careful." A visit to the doctor will confirm that liver enzyme levels are too high.

What to do? First, if the food comes in a colorful cardboard box, don't buy it. It is most likely a processed product.

There is another aisle full of colors: that of fruits and vegetables.

Feel free to make your own rainbow with vegetables. You will notice that quickly, things will go well.

If you need a boost, herbal tea 10 day detoxs contains dandelion root, burdock, nettle and a few other ingredients that your liver (and the rest of you) will appreciate.

Good week.

Take care of yourself!

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