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I need love ❤️

I've never given much importance to Valentine's Day, but this year I must admit that even the most banal ads make me smile.

My conclusion: I need love!

I should add: I need love to exist,

  • That "give to the next" is a feasible way of life,
  • That altruism wins over selfishness,
  • That each individual's focus is bigger than the circumference of his or her navel,
  • That hurtful words can be stopped by a sincere smile.

Some of you will think I'm going through a temporary period of confinement-related fad, flowers in my hair, free of all anxiety-provoking concerns.

Sorry! This is far from being my case.

My "need for love" is rather mathematical

If intentions, smiles and concrete gestures make us "love" a little more one day a year, why not repeat that day a few times a year? A few times a month? A week?

Love and happiness would be contagious❤️😄

So a smile would be a contagion risk. A hug? And there you go! You are infected and a vector of community transmission.

No borders, no segregation. We let it go "wild and free" and go around the world.

So yes, I admit it. I need love ❤️

How about you?

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