Louise Trudel

Hey Sugar!

Here we are. Summer is at our doors!

And finally, it's time to put on our little dresses, our swimsuits, our flip-flops and our camisoles.

But Horror! What do you see ?

A muffin top in your favorite camisole?

How did it happen?

Hint: Too much sugar in your diet. I can afford to write it because for 95% of the people I meet in consultation, it's the big boo.

How is it possible?

Simple carbohydrates: white sugar, syrups, sweet granola bars, donuts, tempting desserts, mocha coffees… in short, all that.

It's the simple carbohydrates that are, in large part, responsible for the rapid rise in your sugar level. The chain reaction that follows is damaging to your pancreas, liver, brain, gut flora, cortisol levels, energy levels, and ultimately, your muffin top.

Wait! I have a good new !

The good news is that if you can stay away from sugar for 3 weeks, you can lose 2-3 pounds. Which means that on Saint-Jean, you'll be able to raise your glass to yourself with the pride of wearing your favorite tank top (without the unsightly muffin top)

Why am I convinced that you can do it?

Because I believe in you! But also for the following 3 reasons:

1) Fewer calories

If you snack on carrots and red peppers, you'll get tired of chewing much faster than if you eat chips or caramel popcorn. There is a good chance that you consume fewer calories!

2) Reduction of cortisol secretion

Which means: reduction of inflammation caused by the overconsumption of sugar. In other words, you will "deflate". Your joints will be less swollen and your belly too. Cortisol is partly responsible for water retention. A portion of the 2 or 3 kilos that you will lose will be attributable to the decrease in edema (fluid retention).

3) Normalization of your blood sugar

I admit that the first few days, you will scream for something sweet. Hold on. In 4 days, your craving for foods high in simple sugars will have diminished.

A few tips to get there!

  • Avoid the downtown aisles at the grocery store
  • Avoid buying processed products (these are packaged in pretty colored boxes)
  • eat slowly
  • Drink water and avoid sugary drinks.

What to eat ?

Good question ! It's not so much about willpower as about alternatives, that is, having other satisfying food choices to eat that are good for you.

Allow yourself to "cheat" reasonably. Mr. Puffs? Ok, but a few. Not the box of 30 salted caramel. If you slip, no worries! Don't start again the next day and beat yourself on the head because you ate the best brownies in the world. Enjoy it instead but don't do it again.

Remember, you're doing this for yourself (and your tank top)!

Ideas for satisfying, tasty and accessible substitutes!

  • 1 cup melons with cottage cheese
  • 1 cup vegetables with hummus or tzatziki
  • A bowl of berries (Quebec strawberries are coming soon) with plain yogurt
  • A hard-boiled egg with some grain crackers.
  • ½ cup oatmeal with date puree

The Bien Dans Ma Peau herbal tea and the Real Iced Tea are sweetened with stevia leaves. It's a good way to enjoy the "little sweet taste" without it being harmful to you and your health goal!

I believe in you ! Take care of yourself ! 😀

Louise 🌿🤍

PS: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

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