Frequently asked questions

How long does your tea stay fresh and how should I store it?

  • One year for products that contain dried fruit.
  • Two years for products that do not contain dried fruit.

    When will I receive my order?

    Delivery of your package may take from 1 to 7 business days. Delivery times vary depending on the address you provided when you placed your order. Please contact us if you would like an estimate of delivery time.

    What is Herbanica in bulk?

    Herbanica in bulk is our new concept that aims to reduce the amount of waste produced. You can now buy herbal tea refills to fill your reusable glass jars!

    What is the purpose of the refill?

    The refill is created to reduce the amount of waste and to encourage the consumption of bulk products. It is a transparent compostable bag that is filled with the herbal tea of your choice. It is used to refill your glass jar with the herbal tea of your choice without generating waste.

    Is the refill bag compostable?

    Yes, the refill bag comes in a certified compostable bag made from plant-based PLA. Get a reusable glass container before refills or use your own jars!

    Can I store my herbal tea in the compostable bag?

    We do not recommend storing your herbal teas in the compostable bag for long periods of time, it is best to transfer the contents to a glass container and keep it away from light and heat to keep the ingredients fresh.

    How do I fill my glass jar?

    Fill it with the refills once it is finished. Simply order herbal tea or tea refills and fill your glass container. The glass container allows you to better organize your herbal teas and teas and it reduces the amount of waste when filled with refills.

    It is important not to leave your glass container near a window, it is better to keep your herbal teas and teas away from light and heat to keep the ingredients fresh.

    Can I refill a bag I have at home with a refill?

    Yes, we encourage you to purchase refills to refill the bags or jars you already have!

    What does the bag look like?

    The herbal tea bag is the basic bag, this one is a white bag with a small window to see the contents inside the bag.

    What should I do if I have a food allergy?

    Each of our teas has a list of ingredients on the web page. If you have an allergy, please contact me!

    Do Herbanica teas contain gluten?

    Even though they are gluten free, I cannot offer you a gluten free certification. Therefore, there is a possibility of gluten traces in some products.