The judicious use of plants to support the functions of the human body

Our goal is to improve your health and well-being, while reducing the risks of developing several diseases.

By combining several fields of expertise such as phytotherapy, physiology and microbiology, HERBANICA offers you a range of quality herbal teas and plants which have proven themselves and which act in line with the fundamental needs of the human body.

These products are the result of years of expertise, know-how and consultation. These are simple, accessible, natural and inexpensive solutions to several health problems.

Take care of yourself! We are here for you!

 Louise and the HERBANICA team




The allergies.

The webpage for each of our teas has a list of ingredients. If you have any allergies, please contact me!

Do HERBANICA herbal teas contain gluten?

Even if they do not contain gluten, I cannot offer you certification of gluten-free products. There is therefore a possibility of traces of gluten for certain products.

How long does your tea stay fresh and how should I store it?

  • One year for products that contain dried fruit.
  • Two years for products that do not contain dried fruit.