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The magic of the New Year

I don't know where we get this idea of ​​believing that at the stroke of midnight on December 31st of each year, we will have the possibility of becoming another person.

As if by magic, we transform and everything becomes “better”. A kind of Anti--Cinderella effect!

Aaaahhh yes…. good resolutions

This annual trend affects approximately 25% of Canadians. According to the Léger survey firm, the strongest intention to make resolutions is found among 18-34 year olds (45%). This diminishes as we age, 25% of Generation X will make resolutions and only 17% for Baby Boomers.

Health is popular!

Popular resolutions concern health. Whether it's to lose weight, move a little more, change your eating habits, meditate or reduce your stress level, the will is there!

BUT… because there is often a "BUT"

The Fairy Godmother does not come in the same package as the resolution. Will, effort, planning, motivation, a partner (or support group) to whom we are held accountable, in short, these are tools to “hold on”.

At least, for a week or a month. Afterwards? Too often it is disorientation, letting go, failure, guilt.🤦

I have the solution!

In fact, I have several small solutions 😊

What will work is a series of new “good” habits.

The DOMINO effect

James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits,” discusses this in his book. It's the Domino effect: pairing several small changes that add up to a larger change and – drum roll – a new identity.

And Bam! Here is the 12th stroke of midnight!

Cinderella and her cohort of magical mice come true!

Enough jokes. It works.😀

I did it. I experienced a series of micro-changes last fall with the group HERBANICA Bye Bye Stress: The Experience. I reduced my stress and increased my productivity by changing a few small habits!

If you're interested in reading the why and how of this experience which helped me reduce my stress and increase my productivity, consult the group's page on Facebook.

And if losing a few pounds or drinking less coffee are part of your resolutions, HERBANICA has the products you need to get you started on the right path and I'll be there to encourage you.

 Happy New Year 2021✨🥳😀

Take care of yourself… before and after the 12 strokes of midnight!


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