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Just a tiny 1% dehydration

1% dehydration and...

1- Thefatigue takes hold of you!

The cells in your body need water to function properly, and to do that, you need to drink to hydrate those cells. Otherwise, your body doesn't have what it needs to perform its millions of tasks.

Additionally, your day will feel longer and since your body is “working harder” to rehydrate itself, the lethargic effect (however minimal) will be felt the next day.

2-You confuse thirst with hunger

If you don't drink enough, you will feel more tired and this fatigue will be confused with hunger. Your first instinct will probably be to snack. Oops!

3-You feel the heat more

Does your face and skin turn red when you are hot? This is vasodilation caused by heat since your body actually wants to get rid of it. When hydrated, your body stays in homeostasis longer and can experience greater temperature fluctuations.

4-Your kidneys work harder (as well as your liver, your skin...)

Water is the ultimate toxin eliminator. Without adequate water intake, your kidneys must compensate. Avoid complications: if your urine is dark yellow, drink!

I know there are some of you who will laugh, but I often say it (and it makes people smile), your urine “speaks” to you. Take the test. Hydrate adequately and sufficiently, and its color will fade.

5-You have a headache

The brain is quickly affected by dehydration. Whether from alcohol, heat, forgetfulness or carelessness, you risk developing a headache that could have easily been avoided. A recent study showed that 40% of 340 "dehydrated" participants developed a headache.

If you feel confused, or if you see someone around you feeling hot and confused, dehydration may be more advanced. Quickly encourage this person to drink.

-How to do?

The trick is to drink before you feel thirsty. You should drink more frequently during impromptu heatwaves in Quebec or during intensive (or prolonged) training since the demand for fluid will double in these conditions.

Interesting fact: 80% of the fluids needed for your fluid balance can be drunk and up to 20% of your food can help you compensate for water loss.

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1.2.3. Go! We drink!

Take care of yourself!🙏😊

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