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The 5 rules of the perfect gift (plus a BONUS rule)

The perfect gift must...

  1. be different from other gifts
  2. be sure to please
  3. not be harmful to the recipient's health
  4. say "you're important" or "you're chill" (depending on the age range or type of relationship you have)
  5. not to be subject to Re-Gifting
  6. (BONUS) it is shared!

The holiday season, especially this year, is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all those people who are so dear to us and so far away. This year we are thinking about the health of our loved ones so why not offer a quality herbal tea that will help keep them in good spirits, relax them, energize them or simply comfort them. There are many herbal tea ideas that will meet all needs.

The perfect gift is the perfect herbal tea

...or the perfect box of herbal teas!

If you're not sure where to start, the perfect herbal tea ideas collection will help you get started. Not only is an herbal tea gift a sweet treat, but they are also tasty, effective and healthy.

Who could ask for a better gift?

Unsure? Not sure? I suggest the Essential Gift Set. It's made up of your 12 favourite essentials. The ESSENTIAL is sure to please!

However, if you know a little more about what would tickle the person, well... Here are some suggestions!

  • The Stressed and the Anxious: The Calm Box
  • The "Roger-I've-eaten-too-much" also "Rogette-I've-eaten-too-much": DIGESTIF set
  • For the Foodie-Festive, it's going to take the Festive Set.

And in there, we must also remember that these people are in our lives because they are important. That they matter to us.

I bet the feeling is mutual and that you play an important role in their lives.

Why not share a box of herbal tea?

Because it's often better with two :-)

Have a great holiday season! xx

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