Louise Trudel

The mirror

At a particularly trying time in my life, a friend said to me:

“When a woman says she is no longer capable, she draws on this reserve which never runs out”

She was right. Because even when nothing is going well, we continue. We draw.

We take up arms.

we are women

WE love. We give our all. Instinctively, we help, we support and we defend what we love.


It's our molecular programming. It's our genetic memory passed down for thousands of generations…because remember, we're primates with big brains. Homo Sapiens.


Despite this natural drive, we've all gotten to that alarming point where it hurts to keep moving forward.

We found ourselves in the middle of quicksand, trying to keep our heads above water, shouting “HELP ME!” HELP”, but without emitting a single sound.

We have all experienced the moment when we stare at our reflection in a mirror without recognizing who we have become. And we never forget the one who is no more.

time passes

One day, we manage to look in the mirror. We smile shyly. We say to ourselves: “I’m back”. I'm back a little skinned but straighter and stronger. A kind of version 2.0.

Wise, cynical (perhaps) but weighed down with a baggage that ironically will lighten the next journey.

The message

One day, a person around us carries this saving message that turns our lives upside down. A message that shakes, revives and makes you feel what is important.

One day, the messenger of this hope IS YOU! You are this renewal, this long-awaited momentum because it is YOU who hold this branch that will propel another woman out of the quicksand.


I say thank you to all those women who instinctively fought for their beliefs, their love, their passion and ultimately our lives.

I say “Courage! to all those who are fighting for their future, their children, their territory.

To all those who are going through difficult times, I would like to extend this branch to you to pull you out of the quicksand.

My personal note...

Allow me a personal message. Thank you to all these amazing women I know. Each of them could tell their inspiring story, strewn with suffering and solidarity. Despite the pain, they all reached out to help, uplift and support even when they were no longer able.

I am certain of it now: we all have an inexhaustible source of love which does not make us vulnerable, but makes us stronger.

Look at yourself in the mirror. You are perfect. 🥰

To Marianne, Chantal, Nathalie C, Nathalie B, Claudie, Karine, Dominique, Maryse, Marilyne, Nancy, Suzanne, Julie and Marie-Christine, thank you for being part of my life.

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