Louise Trudel

Avoid stress during the pandemic

If you want to optimize the effectiveness of your immune system, you need to relax.

Meditation, walks with a dog, tai chi, yoga, qi gong, deep breathing are all accessible solutions that work in the short term. Read between the lines: you can relax now. Come on… 10 deep breaths. NOW. You will resume reading the document later.

You did well. Here are 2 important reasons to properly manage your stress level.

First: it has been demonstrated that there is a direct link between the degree of stress and the negative impact on the production of white blood cells and interferons. These 2 components play a vital role in immune defense. Basically, the more anxious you are, the less effective your immune system will be.

Second, in times of intense stress, cortisol and adrenaline are secreted in very large quantities. This is the FIGHT-FIGHT response of your sympathetic nervous system. When this response is triggered, the functions of the digestive system and the immune system take a back seat! Result: viruses settle easily in you because no one is there to fight them.

What we are experiencing is stressful and distressing. Not only because we are in a pandemic, but also because many of our lifestyle habits have changed quickly.

Take time for yourself and keep your immune system healthy.


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