DUO KIT - Ceremonial matcha and bamboo whip

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The perfect kit for a matcha lover! The bamboo whisk is an important accessory for preparing matcha as it prevents residue.

The duo kit includes:

40g of Matcha Ceremonial

- •Bamboo whisk (Chasen)

What is the difference between Matcha Herbanica and Matcha Ceremonial?

Matcha is a fine powdered green tea originating from Kyoto, a region very well known in Japan for its high quality matchas.) It is the youngest and softest leaves that are used to make ceremonial Matcha. It is obtained by grinding tea leaves from the first harvest of the year.

They produce a mild taste , without bitterness. The grinding of the tea leaves allows for the absorption of all the nutrients of the green tea: antioxidants (catechin), vitamins and L-theanine. All this together helps to slow down the progression of diseases and the natural aging process.


1/2 teaspoon of Matcha Ceremonial

125ml of hot water at 85°C/185°F

How to prepare your matcha in 3 steps

  1. Sift the matcha into a bowl with a small sieve (this step prevents residue)
  2. Add the hot water
  3. Whisk with a bamboo whisk, approximately 10 seconds