Herbanica's Mission

The taste, the benefits and the difference HERBANICA

By founding HERBANICA, I wanted to make a difference.

A difference in people's health, their well-being... one cup at a time.

At the same time, I wanted it to be good, delicious, tasty, pleasant, "fun", beautiful to buy and superb to brew.

My two truths (there is no lie)

  1. If herbal tea tastes like sewage, it's less tempting to drink it🤢
  2. It will never be useful if it sits in the back of a kitchen cabinet for a decade.

I think. I thought. I mix. I taste. Repeat.

Fall teas are proof of that. From SOS Rhume to Pumpkin Spice, you will find several benefits and a range of flavors.

Same thing for summer teas which are as unique, tasty, refreshing as they are colorful!

My expertise? My vibe? My soul ? My desire to help you? All this is felt in therapeutic herbal teas: from difficult digestion to insomnia, including menopause and nausea, “I got you!”.

I invest myself in all stages of the preparation. As a good Quebecer, I put a lot of love into it ❤

My goal is to keep you healthy and help you take care of yourself.

One cup at a time!