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Stress, sleep and the moose

When you accelerate, you create a momentum that will require a certain force to slow it down.

Example: One evening, you are driving on the highway at 160 km/h and suddenly, a moose crosses the highway, but freezes in the middle (hence the expression, to have the look of a moose blinded by headlights car).

You brake suddenly... and OUCH! A painful whiplash! *

A life in FAST & FURIOUS mode

Everything goes fast from morning to night.

Do you have difficulty falling asleep?

Not surprising. Because going from work, intense gaming, anxiety-provoking moments to sleep instantly (from 160 km/h to 0 km/h) is almost impossible.

Tip: evening alarm

Do you set an alarm to wake you up in the morning?

Set a reminder / alarm 1 hour before going to bed!

This last hour of your day, use it to relax, read (but not on a cell phone), drink Herbanica herbal tea, stretch and why not? Watch a single episode on Netflix.

And then to bed! 💤

And why an evening alarm?

Because we forget how much you have to slow down before you slam on the brakes (and avoid spraying a moose).

Moreover, when you have slept well, the following days are really more pleasant. For us and for the people around us!

In addition to being in a better mood, you will be less stressed, digest better, better control cravings for snacking and - bonus in a pandemic - your immune system will be more efficient.

To relax and sleep well, I suggest a few effective products including the Absolute Relaxation and Deep Sleep herbal tea.

Take care ! 🙏🤍

PS The moose is safe and sound!

👉 Herbanica Relaxation Collection

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