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Bye Bye Bloating

Oh, no, you don't! Not again! !

Nauseating flatulence (the "famous" farts), cramps, swelling of the belly, gurgling of the intestines, all this is not fun if you feel it every day.

Why does this happen to me?

There may be several explanations and causes for the problems. One thing is certain, unless you have a serious digestive disorder or intolerance, you can reduce the symptoms and/or solve the problem.

It's worth talking about it, or at least reading about it. For many of you, there is a solution at hand by changing a few small habits.

A bloated belly in the morning?

If you wake up feeling bloated and sometimes constipated, it's important to lighten up on your evening meal and adopt a diet rich in fibre. Eat an apple a day, add bran cereal (from All-Bran) to your burgers, drink 2 glasses of water a day and go for a walk. This will improve your bowel movements and help you get rid of constipation.

Belly that swells throughout the day?

If your belly is "flat" when you wake up but swells throughout the day, it's probably due to a digestive problem.

Two absolutes :

  1. Eat foods that digest quickly first (eat vegetables and fruit before protein).

  2. Avoid soda, gum and drinking through a straw.

Some easy solutions:

  • avoid fried foods
  • choose cooked fruits and vegetables over raw ones
  • avoid certain FODMAP foods (onions, mushrooms, cabbage, sweeteners, etc)
  • eat slowly (see my 2 tips below)
  • add sage and cardamom when cooking

My 2 tips to avoid eating too fast

1. Chew by counting from 1 to 8 (or 8 beats)

As you know by now, I'm on a solo lockdown which causes me to eat faster or even eat while listening to Netflix.
To avoid this, I count from 1 to 8. Since I like many styles of music, I count 8 beats / 2 bars while listening to Spotify 😉

2. Enjoy what you eat

The second trick is to enjoy what you eat. Sometimes the perfect bite is worth the time. Appreciate the moment and enjoy it.

Here are some Herbanica solutions:

10 DAY DETOX helps cleanse the liver. Basically, bile is essential to assimilate and digest fatty foods. Both the liver and bile must be efficient.

IMPERATORY: Contains sage and lemon balm. Both help to reduce spasms (cramps) and bloating.

WELL IN MY SKIN: This tea contains several ingredients that help control mood and fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.

ETERNITY TEA (JIAOGULAN): Jiaogulan is an adaptogen that helps regulate blood sugar, cholesterol and helps optimize liver function.

Have a good week!

Take care of yourself!

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